Telescope calibration items

After changing the optical configuration of the telescope, several calibration steps may need to be taken:

  1. Determine rotator center. Probably best done by going to star field, set position angle, disable rotator (ZDISABLE), change position angle by less than 180 degrees, avoiding cable wrap issues, do a long (300-600s) integration and find the center.

  2. Do a pointing model. Put rotator center in and do model using recentering. This creates pm???.fits files. Procedure will turn these into TPOINT input file. TPOINT generates a pointing model: INDAT, CALL ALTAZ, USE NRX NRY, FIT, OUTMOD.

  3. Do instrument blocks. Need to determine offset from rotator center to center of each instrument at PA=0 with QM commands. Guider CX coordinate currently needs to be compiled into ccd/gccd.c. GINIT should determine scales and rotations, which together with offsets form instrument blocks.

  4. Determine proper guider focus (at rotator==0?) and set guider home position accordingly.

  5. Focus offsets, with altitude and rotator position/stage location for guider:,, Focus offsets for filters.