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NMSU operates a 1m telescope at the Apache Point Observatory . The telescope is an alt-az telescope and was (mostly) built in the early 90s by the AutoScope corporation. Significant work was required to make it fully operational, but it now functions reliably as a robotic telescope. Currently, there is an optical CCD 2048x2048 imager mounted on the Nasmyth port, with a field of view of almost 16 arcminutes on a side.

In 2005, we obtained an NSF PREST grant to improve the telescope and make it operate more reliably. This included activiting the second Nasmyth port, building a rotator for the tertiary, and constructing a multichannel photometer.

In the 2010s, the telescope was equipped with a fiber feed from one of the Nasmyth ports to the SDSS/APOGEE spectrograph, and the telescope was used to feed bright objects to APOGEE during dark time, when the spectrograph was not in use by the 2.5m telescope. With the start of SDSS-V, the APOGEE spectrograph is no longer available.

After the use with SDSS/APOGEE, and with the onset of COVID, the telescope has entered a period of disuse, and is not operational until further notice.

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